About Neisha

Long ago, owner Rick Kitchrayotin dreamed about sharing everything he loved about his Thailand home with his new community in the US. He cherished his homeland’s exotic beauty, warm and friendly atmosphere, and the fragrant and delectable tastes of the dynamic cuisine, and wanted his new community to enjoy it for themselves. He was confident that his neighbors would respond to a new dining haven with relish, and wanted to create a reliable and lasting experience that people would return to time and time again. In 1999, Rick and his wife Pui made this dream a reality by founding the first iteration of Neisha Thai Cuisine. In Thai, "Neisha" means "independence," "individualism," and "uniqueness," all qualities that characterize their most precious jewel of all, their own daughter. And so was borne the restaurant as well, named after their daughter, espousing that same spirit of uniqueness and carving out its own identity in northern Virginia. As Rick considered his dream restaurant, he felt that each dish in Thai cuisine has the characteristics of precious gems, each with its own rich facets of flavor. Upon relocation in 2013, Rick took the opportunity to create a NEW NEISHA THAI. He has enhanced the dining experience by bringing in authentic textiles from Thailand, enriching his guests’ time with a visual feast, to compliment the feast set on the table. Neisha Thai has built upon its classic dishes as its foundation, and evolved into an exquisite experience, an oasis of fine dining. Please come and experience for yourself this mine of multi-faceted and flavorful jewels!